• LUCIDE Mirasol Lamp

    LUCIDE Mirasol Lamp

    A classic lamp with a touch of opulence. The main body, meticulously crafted from black marble adorned with striking white veins, exudes sophistication and grandeur. Paired with a shade crafted from lustrous copper, this lamp seamlessly blends classic design with modern allure. Illuminate your space with a fusion of luxury and refinement. Elevates the decor… Read More…

  • Chemex Coffee Maker

    Chemex Coffee Maker

    The Chemex coffee maker is a classic and iconic pour-over brewing device that has become synonymous with both form and function. Invention (1941): The Chemex coffee maker was invented by Dr. Peter Schlumbohm, a German chemist, in 1941. Dr. Schlumbohm was not only a chemist but also a prolific inventor with over 300 patents to… Read More…

  • Chelsea boots

    Chelsea boots

    A Chelsea boot 3D model is a digital representation of a classic and versatile style of ankle-high boot. Chelsea boots are characterized by their slip-on design, elastic side panels, and usually have a pull tab at the back to aid in putting them on. The 3D model would showcase the intricate details of the boot’s… Read More…